This is just a quick posting, on a topic I get asked about often enough to warrant it’s own entry.

What are the qualities/factors that the best Leaders have ?

Top leaders…

1. Visionary: They have a very clear understanding of where the organisation is going and a clear strategy for getting there.

2. Communicate Well: Great leaders ensure that their message gets across to all in the organisation – clearly.

3. ‘People’ People: Top performing leaders build great relationships, and also develop excellent team spirit.

4. Delegate: Great leaders do just that – Lead. They let their people get on with the doing – and encourage them to do it well, and enjoy it.

5. Know Their Business: Not only visionary, they’re strategically sound. Top leaders truly understand their business inside and out, good and bad, and firmly move it on – they make the difference.

6. Are Role-Models: They lead from the front, and have the values of the organisation and their people. They say it , and also do it.

7. Build Rapport Quickly: Excellent leaders have a way of building rapport instantly, through what they say, how they look and especially how well they listen and value people they’re with.

8. Charisma: They quickly create rapport; they communicate well … and there’s something else – they have a personal style which ooozes that extra something … great charisma!

9. Very Determined: Whilst having great people skills, truly great leaders go that extra mile – they are follow-through to achieve their goals and vision. They’re totally ruthless, but in a people-friendly way.

10. Passionate: Great leaders bring immense energy to every task – no matter how big or small – because the Leader knows they all contribute to the business goals and vision.

So, where do you find Leaders ?

They can be found anywhere and everywhere – not just as CEO’s, Directors or Supervisors.

The key to discovering Leadership talent is in finding the people with passion and helping them to express themselves in ways – through support, training and learning – that bring out their best and deliver all the extra benefits to a business that leaders naturally bring.