vc3p helps Chambers of Commerce break from the traditional Bricks And Mortar model to become an active member of the On Demand Economy. We help Chambers eliminate all the inefficiencies of the traditional model through our major project “Chambers Connect”. By providing an online social collaboration Eco-system we can help turn and organisations intranets into an extra-net, reducing sales friction within the organisation itself while opening up new collaborative opportunities through the extra-net.

Vc3p in partnership with its Advisory Board Partnerships has the ability and experience to pro-actively facilitate economic growth by partnering with Government to:

  • Support government to create jobs, boost industry productivity and secure Australia’s economic and social future in a global economy.
  • Provide advice on how training systems can support economic and employment growth by addressing skills shortages meeting workforce training needs and boosting productivity for employees.
  • Development of new industry engagement models which align with vc3p fund management investment criteria.
  • Liaise with regional stakeholders and employers via the Chambers Connect platform to support stronger links between training systems and jobs and economic agenda.