About Us

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Our success is entirely based on your success, so we’re highly motivated to see you succeed.

The On Demand Economy with sharing economy using the connective power of the global chambers of commerce we have created a social and economic revolution .

Our mission is to assist business through a structured, positive and professional program that assists quality referral business among the chamber member community and collaboration platform which tracks all referrals and follow up to ensure success for attendees.

We deliver a multi-channel, multi-disciplinary, supportive platform for people and their businesses to access the talent needed to grow and enhance their own businesses. Our members are your potential future customers and suppliers, as well as mentors for you and your management team.

We develop programs and scale your business through the Chambers collaboration platform, to bring shared success to life.

We welcome all business owners and professionals to come along and expand their trusted network of business professionals, and build opportunities for growth and expansion.

Some Important Points


  • Job instability has encouraged many workers to become entrepreneurs.
  • Uncertainty among business owners operating in a global, on demand economy requires a transition from established bricks and mortar model to a new collaborative model.

On demand

  • The desire for instant gratification have conditioned us to want things now, on demand, as the pace of life accelerates. We help implement the mehcanisms through which businesses can fulfill the reqirements of an on demand marketplace.

The need for control

  • The on-demand economy empowers consumers and SME’s and gives them sense of creating their own reality and destiny.

Creating economic viability in an on demand digital age

  • A preference for collaboration and sustainability in an on demand digital economy.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

  • Breaking the gap between rich and poor increase the velocity within the economy (*inclusive growth)
  • Less downstream social impacts by empowering business through an online collaborative platform.

Digital Technology

  • Cant ignore the impact of digital technology
  • Various devices
  • Connect on demand business to consumers and facilitate the process.
  • Create synergy and collaboration using digital technology
  • Why are we are facing on demand
    The Perfect Storm – We are leading the perfect storm to drive real time fulfilment needs and on demand business centres across each chamber globally.

Economic, Social, Technological and Psychological changes.

  • Need for inter-connectivity between vendors, buyers, associations and markets.
  • Current bricks and mortar chamber model is not working as it has not embraced the need for collaboration beyond the boundaries of their members.


Strategy to Execution